Family Book

The family book contains family history stories, pictures and personal information.

The book is in A4 form, with 576 pages. Heavy information, literally! It weighs about 2 kg.

The main content of the book are birth, marriage and dead data of members of Henttonen family from the 17th century and later. Some information dates back in the 16th century. The book contains plenty of fotos and several articles, too. It is written in Finnish but you can find there interesting information also without any skills in Finnish language.

The price of the book has been dropped. For non-members, the book costs € 50. If you are a member of the family association (paying the membership fee), the book is 5 € cheaper. If the book is mailed, postage will be added to the price.

The following people are selling the book:

Mirja Kärkäs-Lainio, Turku, tel. +358 50 60188, mirja.karkaslainio @

Raakel Henttonen, Janakkala, tel. +358 400 847023, raakel.henttonen @

Teuvo Henttonen, Hollola, tel. 040 7532040, teuvo.henttonen @

Please report possible errors in the book

If you notice any errors or would like to add something in the "Myö Henttoset Karjalast" book, please contact Raakel Henttonen or Helena Ryynänen.

Part 2 of the family book

A sequel to the "Myö Henttoset Karjalast" book is being planned. There is no decision on the date of publication, but it will take many more years.

The sequel will contain the material (memoirs, articles, pictures etc.) that could not be included in the first book. In addition, the follow-up section will include personal data but it no longer republishes the family charts contained in Book 1. New material, that is, material that was not sent for Part 1, is also very welcome. Send the material for the sequel to either Raakel Henttonen or Helena Ryynänen.